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Need to improve your Backyard or Home Right NOW? 

You are not the only one, constantly people find themselves needing to change, fix or improve their property ASAP, for many reasons like for example a Big Celebration Party in the backyard is coming up and the rellies are coming from overseas, Selling your house, Renovating or just want to get a cool Outdoor Shower for the pool or a new Cafe Blinds for the gazebo.

Whatever your reason is, if you need to quickly change the way your front or backyard looks by installing Synthetic Grass or need a Shed to store things today but cannot afford it, we have a solutions for you!

No Worries Turf offers you 2 Interest Free payment options, ZipMoney or Lay-buy.

ZipMoney is a payment plan service where you can buy your product, have it delivered and pay later! Best of all it’s Interest FREE for up to 12 months! You can apply for the loan online in a few minutes and organise low monthly repayments which work best for you.
Condition Apply  (This option of payment is not available for products purchased on Auction or in conjunction with any promotional codes or special deals offered ).



Why it is so great?

What are the fees?

·        You get your product  immediately

·        Provides up to 12 months Interest FREE

·        You can take up to $6000 Credit

·        Apply Online - It only takes 3 mins!

·        You can arrange low monthly payments

·        A one off establishment fee applies above $1000. This added to your interest free balance.

·        Minimum monthly payments apply

·        A small account keeping fee of $4.95 per/month if you have a balance owing

Find out more >> ZipMoney Payments


 Lay-Buy is an affordable no Interest payment plan option which allows you to pay-off your Synthetic Grass or other products via one down payment, with the balance paid over 1, 2 or 3 monthly instalments. Your item is delivered to you after the final payment . A small 0.9% admin fee is payable.

Condition Apply  (This option of payment is not available for products purchased on Auction or in conjunction with any promotional codes or special deals offered ).

Why it is so great?

What are the fees?

·        Secure your Turf at a great price

·        No application process

·        Order can be cancelled  before full payment received

·        No Interest - no ongoing fees

·        Have to put a down payment first & pay an admin fee (0.9%)

·        Have to wait till you pay it off before you can receive your Synthetic Grass or other products

Find out more >> Lay-Buy Payments




If you think people are born with a green thumb, THINK AGAIN!

I used to have a brown thumb. I tried raising all sorts of plants, and no matter what type of plant it was they ALWAYS died!



I tried planting rose bushes, and before the beauties could even bloom the bushes had become dried sticks without a touch of green.

I tried planting corn, squash, beans and all sorts of vegetables and my garden didn't even produce a single kernel. Not even enough food to feed an ant. Believe me,I am sure that the ants and bees were laughing their heads off at me as they searched for food elsewhere. They sure weren't finding anything to eat in MY YARD!

I figured maybe because I was living in Georgia, where red clay was a problem then I would try potted plants instead. I tried flowers, and they died. A friend suggested that I try growing a cactus, so I did, the cactus died. HOW CAN YOU KILL A CACTUS???

Someone else suggested that I try an Aloe Plant, because these things were indestructible. A friend gave me an aloe plant and the poor thing was dead within 3 months. Needless to say my friends quit suggesting things for me to grow. One even told me that if I got a fake plastic plant, with my luck, it would probably die too!

I so desperately wanted to see a little lively green plant growing happily in my home. I wanted fresh vegetables for my table. All I found instead was bad luck, wasted money, and a lot of ceremonies where I would go outside, and somberly say goodbye to yet another dead plant.

Then one day I discovered air plants!

I was at a craft show, and a lady there was selling air plants that were OH SO BEAUTIFUL!

She said NO ONE could kill these plants. She told me that all they needed was to be hung in the bathroom, and the steam from the shower would provide all the nutrients they needed. NO DIRT! NO FERTILIZER! They needed nothing except a moist environment that is provided in any bathroom.

I was as happy as an ant on a hill of honey when I got home with my new plants. I purchased 3 beautiful air plants, hung them neatly in my bathrooms and basked in the joy of FINALLY seeing a thing of beauty growing in my home.

That is until they died.

All three of them, yes all three, died. Within a month they were gone, dried up, dead, 3 more somber ceremonies. So much for my green thumb.

By this time even I myself was too scared to get a plastic plant. It would probably dry out and die on me too then I would probably have to cut both of my thumbs off!

I gave up on growing plants for years after that. The air plants were my last attempt, and I had given up for good. I swore to myself I would NEVER again try to grow another plant for as long as I live.

Then one day I was searching the internet for information about knitting. I stumbled across a gardening forum where ladies were knitting plant pot covers. One of the ladies had a picture of the most beautiful tree I had ever seen in my life! A dark red Japanese Maple tree that had a breath taking beauty that I had never seen before in my life.

I HAD to have one!!

This tree was so beautiful, I found myself craving one for my own yard. I wanted one so badly that I spent months researching Japanese Maples and how to grow them successfully.

Japanese Maples, I found, are very expensive. I wanted to learn all I could about them before I purchased my own, because I wanted to MAKE SURE that my Japanese Maple would not die!

Yes, silly me decided to try again, and this time not on a plant that costs just a few dollars. I was getting brave and preparing myself to try and grow a plant that costs over $200 dollars for the large ones.

I read forums, looked up gardening articles, and tried to find as much information as I could about Japanese Maples online.

Sadly, the information I located dealt mostly with maintaining them once they were already established and growing successfully. I needed information on how to keep one from DYING before it got established in my yard and I could not locate this information ANYWHERE!

I checked out books in the local library, and had no luck. I searched for days, hours at a time, and could not find the information I needed.

I decided to look for older gardening books, and THAT is when my search was over! I found a slew of old gardening books written in the 1800's that answered EVERY question I had about growing trees, fruits, vegetables and flowers that I could dream of.

The American Gardener is one of those books, and the main one that helped me in learning everything I need to know about growing any plant I can dream of under the sun!

The American Gardner was written in 1854 by William Cobbett. It is now in the public domain and has been converted into electronic format for your enjoyment.

The American Gardener provides over 150 pages of helpful gardening how to information, and tips that will help you grow plants with ease without them dying like they did on me!

Even if you're a professional gardener, you'll find many tips to help better your growing success!

Here's What You'll Find In The American Gardener:

    • Choosing the right location on your property for growing plants. You'll find in depth information on slope of your land, and what spot is best for growing successfully.


    • Preparing the soil properly to provide nutrition for healthy plants.


    • Fencing techniques for your garden. I LOVE this section. The author provides humorous techniques for using hawthorn trees as fencing, to keep troublesome lads from stealing their fruits and vegetables! You do not need to spend hundreds for a chain link, wooden or brick fence.Use hawthorn trees and with a little love and time you'll have a fence that will make your neighbors green with envy!


    • Designing, or laying out, your garden so that it's pleasing to the eye yet functional as well.


    • You'll learn how to make hotbeds, so that you can start your vegetables earlier in the season and have edible produce as many as 15 days earlier than normal! This can be a moneymaker if you sell produce. Be the first in your neighborhood to have fresh green tomatoes and watermelons!


    • Learn the benefits of operating a hobby greenhouse, and how it can be beneficially to your household.


    • Learn about true seeds and the soundness of seed. You'll learn how to test seed before you plant them, to determine if you have good seed or bad. Some seed will not grow if it's bad, and by using a simple technique you can throw out the bad instead of laboring with planting them only to find no lovely sprouts growing where they were sowed.


    • Learn proper methods for saving and preserving seed. I find this the most fun of gardening! I now save seed regularly and have a yard full of beautiful blooms from seeds I have saved and sown.


    • Learn proper sowing methods to improve your seeds germination rate, and to ensure healthy plants. Proper spacing and depth can mean success or failure in the garden!


    • American Gardener provides proper transplanting methods, to ensure your plants survival when moving from one area to another. This is the chapter that covers the information I was looking for, to ensure my Japanese Maples survival. I now have two Japanese Maples growing successfully in my yard, and what beauty they both bring!


    • Cultivating your garden properly and methods for tilling, trenching and sowing to ensure your gardens success.


    • Learn propagating methods so that you can grow many more plants form just one stock plant. Learn propagating from cuttings, by grafting, by using stock tress, by budding and by layering. All of these are easy and fun methods that you and your family are sure to enjoy!


    • There is a nice section on growing grapes in minimum space while producing so many grapes that it'll make your mouth water!


    • Learn how to successfully grow 81 different vegetables and herbs, 26 tasty fruits and nuts and the most popular flowers and shrubs with the most gorgeous blooms!


You are sure to love the information, guidance and tips provided in American Gardener!

I have used this information for myself, and now have a yard full of beautiful trees, flowers and plants instead of a mass plant graveyard!

This type of information has helped me in so many ways. I now have 5 rose bushes growing successfully in my yard including the coveted Don Juan rose that now grows below a beautiful catalpa tree.

This past spring I planted a successful vegetable garden that provided enough produce to feed 5 families for 2 months and provide many bags for our freezers! My second fall garden was planted just last week and is already sprouting many tiny plants for a second harvest. All this was planted on a piece of plot that measures not more than 20 feet by 40 feet!

I had so many cucumbers growing that I could not even can them all I had to give them away! My zucchini's were so huge that they had to be shared with my in laws and my mother, because we could not eat them as fast as they grew.

My flowerbed has lavender, dianthus, clematis, daisies and many odd plants growing beautifully.

My verbena has taken over our drive; it's outgrown its bed!

I now have 2 Japanese Maples growing successfully. One a glowing embers the other the coveted bloodgood (the most beautiful tree on the planet in my opinion).

I have hundreds of boxwood that I propagated from cuttings, growing successfully beside my cuttings beds. My Azaleas are rooting successfully now, and they are LIVING!

I have come a long way from where I could not even keep an air plant alive, the where I am now growing plants with no roots in just a box of peat moss and sand!

My success is thanks to books like the American Gardener.

All the information you'll need to get started is provided in the American Gardener, no matter what type of growing success you have had in the past you'll find tips and techniques to improve your growing success in this manual!

You too can grow successfully as I have, by increasing your knowledge and putting these methods into practice today!


SAY NO to dying plants and SAY YES to success now!

Order your copy for just $9.97, download immediately and get started TODAY!

So what are you waiting for? Start planting today!

Happy Planting,


No Worries Turf



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Here you will find many answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding our Products & Services.

Please click on the question below that matches your enquiry and the answer will be displayed. If you can not find the answer to your question, please email us through Contact page and we will be more than happy to assist.


1. Synthetic grass installation would involve a high upfront expense. Is this a good investment?

More than most people realise. How does a 100% to 200% return on your investment ("R.O.I") sound to you? Too good to be true? Not according to a Money journal facts on estate renovations or Penn State University, Department of Landscape Architecture.

They both concur that a properly done landscaping property renovation offers the greatest benefit on return on your dollar of any domestic betterment you can produce; and that you will get a 100% to 200% profit on your return on your dollar when applied to an investment property resale value. This really surpasses the R.O.I. you could wish to gain from a kitchen remodel, bath remodel, swimming-pool, or any other domestic improvement. Nevertheless homeowners hardly ever think of landscaping first when remodeling in hopes of gaining a higher resale value. Even if you aren’t planning to move, it’s good to know you are adding true value to your household simply and instantly just by installing synthetic artificial lawn - not to mention the savings from water usage and costs associated with in maintaining real grass. And it looks fantastic!

A real estate appraiser or agent would tell you that landscaping contributes to a home in two ways. First it simply adds to the total value of the property, and second is the aesthetic and emotional role landscaping plays when trying to sell a house. So as you can see synthetic grass lawn is a great investment for any property.

They both concur that a properly done landscaping property renovation offers the greatest benefit on return on your dollar of any domestic betterment you can produce; and that you will get a 100% to 200% profit on your return on your dollar when applied to an investment property resale value. This really surpasses the R.O.I. you could wish to gain from a kitchen remodel, bath remodel, swimming-pool, or any other domestic improvement. Nevertheless homeowners hardly ever think of landscaping first when remodeling in hopes of gaining a higher resale value.

Even if you aren’t planning to move, it’s good to know you are adding true value to your household simply and instantly just by installing synthetic artificial lawn - not to mention the savings from water usage and costs associated with in maintaining real grass. And it looks fantastic! A real estate appraiser or agent would tell you that landscaping contributes to a home in two ways. First it simply adds to the total value of the property, and second is the aesthetic and emotional role landscaping plays when trying to sell a house.

So as you can see synthetic grass lawn is a great investment for any property.


2. Why should I purchase synthetic grass instead of real grass?

A. Well, let’s think about this. Maintaining your lawn requires a lot of time and money. The constant trimming and watering that it takes to maintain a perfect lawn hardly seems worth it to most people. So why bother, when you can have a lawn that always looks perfect, never grows, and doesn't need to be watered? Especially now when the water rates are constantly increasing. These are just some of the benefits of synthetic grass. You can have all the advantages of real grass without the hassles. Imagine all the time and money you could save if you didn't have to water your lawn. You could conserve a lot of water if you didn't have to worry about your grass drying out. Synthetic grass stays green in any weather. It will never turn dry and yellow, and it will always look beautiful.


3. Doesn't artificial grass look and feel fake?

A. You might be wondering: Doesn't artificial grass look and feel fake? This is probably why some people think synthetic grass is not a good investment. But a high quality artificial grass actually looks and feels like real grass. That is one of the benefits of synthetic grass. It is also much more durable and will last many years. Most people won't be able to tell the difference between your new synthetic grass lawn and the real thing. People who are familiar with the older types of synthetic turf think that all artificial grass is stiff and abrasive. Newer types are actually much softer and feel more like the genuine article. Polyethylene yarn makes this possible. Now that people have begun using artificial turf for residential lawns, the application of this new technology is more important than ever. Homeowners demand a high quality synthetic grass that won't feel fake.


4. Are your products Australian made or is this imported Chinese rubbish?

A. This is a very good question, especially if we consider how many other companies in Australian market place are offering substandard cheap imports, and all we can say is there is a reason for a price and as we all know “You get what you paid for”. At No Worries Turf we are proud to offer both ranges of synthetic grass- 100% Australian Made & Imported. Products from both ranges are made to the highest Australian standards, i.e. UV Stabilised, No Harmful Chemicals, Lead Free & Non Cancerogenic. Over the last 10 years with the help of our gathered experience in Australian synthetic grass market needs we were able to select and offer to our customers the absolute best in premium quality from both worlds- Australian & imported ranges. We constantly continue to refine, research and make available to our customers the best there is to offer


5. Your prices are so low; does that mean your quality is inferior?

A. Not at all. Our prices do not reflect the quality of our products. We are bulk buyers and bulk sellers, and since we are totally internet/online based Synthetic Grass Mega Store we do not have any physical showrooms and this way we keep our expenses to a minimum so we can pass on the savings to You-Our Customer. Our quality is of the highest standard, and we offer free samples so you can see and feel for yourself what you will be purchasing, and let’s face it, the best show room is your own home.


6. Do you deliver your synthetic grass products Australia wide?


7. How much will it cost me to get it delivered to my home?


8. Am I able to pick up the synthetic grass that I have purchased?

A. It will depend on the product that you have purchased. For example, our 10mm Field grass is available for a pick up from our Cheltenham general purpose storage place in Melbourne. However, all other products are located in our secured warehousing where general public is not allowed to be admitted and therefore couriers will need to be used


9. How much do No Worries Turf products cost and how can I view them?

A. Easy! To see No Worries Turf synthetic grass prices, all you have to do is click on our Shop Page tab and you will be able to see all the products available for sale at our extremely competitive website special prices. Also you will see all the descriptions and specs and you will be able to pick the best suitable product for your project. In order to be able to physically view and touch the products, because we are a Shop Online and, therefore, do not keep or operate physical show rooms, we send Free samples so you can enjoy viewing them in the comfort of your own home. In order to receive our Free Samples, please visit our Shop Page, take a note of the names of the products you would like to receive samples of, then click on our Contact page and fill out your details with your postal address and include the names of the products that you would like to receive. Go on order your samples today and see the quality of our products for yourself.


10. Does your synthetic grass come with warranty?

A. Yes, absolutely! All of our No Worries Turf synthetic grass products come with a 7 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, except for our 10mm Field Grass which comes with 2 years warranty. Please visit our “Warranty & Return Policy” Page to view warranty terms and conditions in more details


11. Do you offer any Special Deals?


12. Is it easy to install fake lawn at my place?

A. Look, it’s not a rocket science but it is definitely pretty physical and if you are a handy person and not afraid to get your hands dirty you can definitely do it yourself. And if this is what you will decide to do you are more than welcome to organize your own installation, and you will find step by step instructions if you just click on “DIY & Maintenance Tab’. However, if you are not really handy with a shovel and you would rather do something else with your time, we will be more than happy to refer you to our professional installation team who will take care of all of your installation/landscaping requirements


13. How long will my Installation take?

A. Good question. Every project is different but on average most domestic installations of 50 m2 or under will usually be completed in one day. An approximate guide is one day per 50m2, however this can vary depending on many factors like access etc, therefore timing of installation will vary from project to project.


14. How is the turf secured to the ground?

A. In order to secure the turf to the ground during installation you will need to use special synthetic grass pins which are driven into the base to secure the turf. On average you will require 1 pin every 50cm along the perimeter and 1 pin every 30cm along the join, and also a few anchoring pins in zig zag motion through the middle part. In addition to the pins securing the turf the weight of the sand and rubber infill will hold the product securely to the ground. Also edging around the perimeter on top of the turf will provide a perfect finishing touch as well as securing the synthetic turf even more to the ground. You can purchase these special synthetic grass pins from our Accessories section.


15. How do I work out how much synthetic grass do I need for my project and how much will it cost me?

A. Sometimes it can be confusing how to work out the square metrege you might need for your project. But it is easier than it seems. First of all, measure the section that you would like to cover with synthetic grass and measure maximum width by maximum length and multiply one by the other, which will give you a total square metrege required for your project, i.e. 2m Wide x 10m Long= 20sqm. Also it is very important to keep in mind that if you are going to landscape your project, meaning if you are going to have to cut the turf into the shape to fit your landscape, you will need to allow for an extra 20-30% for wastage. This way you will never run short. Of course, if your project does not have any special shaping requirements and happens to be an exact rectangular or a square shape then you will only need to allow for 10% extra. The synthetic grass is priced on a $ per square metre basis, and this is calculated by multiplying the width of an area by the length, i.e. 2 m wide x 10m Long = 20 square metres x $sq/m= $Total price. And this is how easy it is to calculate how much you will need and what it will cost you.


16. How do I purchase No Worries Turf products and accessories?

A. We are glad you have asked this question. We are a Shop Online so we are open 24/7 and you can easily process your purchase and payment through our website shopping cart at your convenience, or if for any reason at all you might need our assistance to process your order we will be more than happy to assist during normal business hours Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm and you can call us on 1300 03 77 11. You also have a choice of the following payment options: PayPal Visa, Mastercard Personal/Company Cheque Money Order Paymate (24hrs authorization period for clearance) Interest Free Lay-by Payment Plan Direct Deposit (CBA) Over the Phone Payment between 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri (24hrs authorization period for clearance) Please follow the following steps to complete your purchase online: 1. Click on the Tab Shop Page 2. Click on the photo of the selected product 3. On the right hand side you will find a window which will display chosen item name. Inside this window you will see a blue arrow pointing down, click on it and you will see a drop down menu where you can select the size of the roll that you require. 4. Click on the size that you require and then click on “Add To Cart” button located underneath, which will take you to the Shopping Cart page. 5. In the middle of the Shopping Cart page you will see a window which says “Quantity” and it is set by default to a quantity of “1” item. If you need more than 1 of these items then please delete “1” and type in the quantity that you require and click on “Update Cart”. This will change the default quantity to the number of items required. 6. If you do not require any accessories or any other products, then please click on the drop down window where it says “Delivery To” and select your shipping destination. 7. If you are purchasing a 2 metre wide roll then please select the name of your city with 2M next to it. If you are purchasing a 3.75 metre roll then please select the name of your city with 3.7M next to it. If you can’t find your city in the drop down window please email us for a quote. 8. Once you selected your destination and if you do not require any other products or accessories then click on “Buy Now” which will take you to the PayPal screen where you can choose whether to pay with PayPal or by credit card. 9. If you would like to add other accessories or products to your purchase, then please click on “Resume shopping” before you click on “Buy Now”. 10. When you click on “Resume Shopping” you will be taken back to the original product page where you will find an Accessories Link. Click on Accessories link and select all the necessary accessories required. 11. Once you have finalized your selection, click on “Buy Now” and continue with the check out. 12. If you would like to pay by Direct Deposit then please email us with your order and we will email you back with the Invoice with our banking details. 13. If you would like to process the payment over the phone then please call us on 1300 03 77 11 and we will be more than happy to assist you, Visa or Mastercard only. 14. If you would like to set up a Lay-by payment plan, please email us on and we will be happy to assist in setting it up for


17. How fast will you ship the product?

A. As soon as the payment is finalised we will dispatch the product within 48 hrs and we will also as part of the service notify you by email with your courier details and this way you have control and you can always track it online.


18. Can you organise installation of my new artificial grass?

A. Yes, absolutely. We have a large network of professional installers to lay the artificial turf in Melbourne and Sydney locations, and we are in the process of organising installation service in other parts of Australia.


19. What about difficult access or unusual areas?

A. We haven’t had one that we couldn’t do yet. We have installed No Worries Turf in very unusual areas (inner city rooftops, etc) and will always manage to complete the job efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.


20. How much would a professional installation cost me?

A. All projects are very different and the final price of the professional installation will also depend on which particular product you have selected for your project because all products have different price points, but on average standard installation done by a Professional Installer with 12 Months Workmanship Guarantee will cost around $40-$50/m2 plus the cost of the product and freight on top if applicable. All work will be covered by our “Satisfaction Guarantee”. Our satisfaction guarantee stipulates that we will ensure that our work is completed to an excellent standard and meets all levels of your satisfaction criteria, if this is not achieved we will rectify any elements that do not meet your approval. 2, All of our materials used are of the highest quality and our turf is covered by a 7 year warranty to protect against UV fade and manufacturer’s defects. We guarantee to arrive on time 3. We guarantee to clean up and remove any mess created by No Worries Turf installer. 4. We guarantee to do everything in our power to have the project completed in the specified time. Your professional installation will consist of: Full ground preparation Excavation Crusher rock and crusher dust supply Project rubbish removal to the tip Infill All the necessary accessories and equipment Labour


21. How do I get more information or a quote?

A. Piece of cake! As much as a lot of information is already available to you on our website, but if you feel you would like to find out more about our products or services simply email us on (fill out Contact form) or contact us by phone on 1300 03 77 11 and we will be happy to come out to your premises with samples, and provide a Free measure and No Obligation quote.


22. Can you walk on synthetic lawn?

A. We are glad you have asked this question. The wonderful thing about synthetic grass is that it’s not like paint; you don’t have to watch it dry. As soon as installation is completed you can start enjoying it instantly to its full potential that it was designed for. So in short, Yes, you can walk on synthetic lawn. You will be amazed how soft and appealing fake lawn can be.


23. How long does synthetic grass lawn last?

A. All our synthetic grass products come with a 7 year warranty. With proper care and maintenance you will enjoy your beautiful synthetic turf for many long years, without the hassle of watering, or mowing! The life span of the synthetic grass is anything from 20-30 years.


24. Is the product Pet friendly? What if my dog leaves its mess behind?

A. No Worries. All of our products are pet friendly, and if your pet leaves a mess behind that’s no worries at all. Just as you would with normal grass, you just scoop up the mess and hose it down. In regards to urine, no matter what anyone else tells you about their products, if you leave urine consistently unattended it will over a period of time bleach and discolour that particular area where your pet does its business, and as a rule your pet would normally always go to the same area to do its business, which actually makes it very easy to maintain and protect your synthetic grass lawn from discolouration because you will always know which areas will require special attention. Also to kill the bacteria and make the synthetic grass lawn more family safe and to protect it long term from dicolouration cause by urine, it is a good idea from time to time to brush it down with warm soapy water, especially in the area where the family pets do their business, and hose it down.


25. Are No Worries Turf artificial grass products flammable?

A. No, No Worries Turf synthetic grass products are virtually flame-proof, unless an accelerant like petrol is poured onto the grass. The sand infill also assists in stopping and preventing any fire spreading at all. And our products have been designed to be fire redundant and are less flammable than dead natural grass. The synthetic grass has been designed with a melting point of 130 deg Celsius so our products will not catch fire from cigarette butts or a similar flame, but may leave a small burn mark, which can easily be removed/repaired.


26. Does the product fade?

A. Over extended period of time all synthetic turf will generally fade slightly no matter which company you buy it from and what promises they give you. However, this is not usually noticeable to the naked eye. All of our products across the board are UV stable to suit the harsh Australian climate minimising the effect of being in direct sunlight


27. Does the product drain when it rains?


28. What maintenance is required?


29. Is the product safe for my children to play on?


30. Is No Worries Turf glossy/shiny like the others?


31. What is No Worries Turf made from?


32. What happens to the water when it rains?


33. I need more than a 2 metre width, do you have wider rolls?


34. Do you have a minimum amount to purchase?


35. Do you offer discounts for bulk purchase?


36. I am a landscaper; do you have a Trade Price List?


37. Do you sell accessories?


38. I have an awkward shape to cut, is this ok?


39. Can I install/lay the synthetic grass on concrete or decking?


40. Can I install/lay the synthetic grass on balcony?

A. Yes, absolutely. Just make sure it is dust free and just glue it down with a Special Synthetic Grass Glue/Adhesive which can be purchased with us, just go into our Accessories page.

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