The truth about synthetic grass!!


There has been a fair bit of debate around Australia recently on how environmentally responsible synthetic grass is in our neighborhoods and there has been a lot of misleading information out there.

Several councils around Australia are debating the viability of installing synthetic grass on their verges but there have been some misguided statements flying around council chambers and the wider community. That’s not too surprising because synthetic grass is a relatively new product in Australia and its popularity is only just starting to grow.
First of all, we should point out that several councils in Australia have invested in the synthetic grass because of the obvious benefits:
• Saving serious amounts of water
• Saving maintenance costs
• Eliminating use of fertilizers and pesticides, which often leach into our rivers
Some councils are more cautious than others when it comes to approving the use of a new product and that’s understandable as councilors need to know they are making the right policies for their taxpayers.
In this blog, we seek to dispel some of the popular myths and misgivings about artificial turf. We want people who care about their gardens, verges and the environment to have a balanced view of synthetic grass.
We want you to be able to make an informed choice about the products you use for your garden.
So below we highlight some of the statements we’ve heard about synthetic grass recently and give you the facts:
Rainwater runs off plastic lawn – Some people will tell you that rainwater runs off synthetic grass preventing replenishment of groundwater. This is not true. The good quality synthetic grass is permeable with stormwater drainage wholes and, if installed properly, will allow absorption of rainwater in harmony with established drainage systems.
Bright green surfaces all year-round look unnatural – This is debatable of course but it is important to point out that there is a great variety of different synthetic lawn products available now, with different densities, coloring and ‘thatch’ that gives a much more natural appearance. It could also be said that ‘natural’ grass lawns look unnatural if they are green throughout an Australian summer – that’s because they often receive an unnatural amount of irrigation and fertilizer.
Synthetic grass is not energy efficient –
Obviously, there is an input of energy required to produce synthetic grass but this should be balanced against the elimination of the need to use a lawn mower, excessive amounts of water, pesticides, and fertilizers for the next 20 to 30 years of the lifespan of the lawn.
Plastics used in the synthetic grass are not biodegradable, so end up as land-fill – While it is true that synthetic lawns are made of non-biodegradable materials (you wouldn’t want your lawn to fall apart would you!), most of the components can be re-used at the end of its long lifespan. We believe the scope for recycling synthetic lawn components will grow in the coming years but these are yet to be developed because synthetic grass has only just started to grow in popularity and most high-quality artificial lawn products with reasonable maintenance and care given will last for 20 to 30 years.
Degradation of synthetic lawn releases toxins which leach into groundwater – It is important to ensure that when you purchase synthetic grass that it comes from a reliable supplier who can guarantee quality and safety. No Worries Turf Grass lawns do not contain toxins or heavy metals which can be harmful to the environment, your family, or pets. However, there is a growing number of small-scale operators have entered the synthetic grass market in Australia recently and the quality of products varies considerably. We suggest that you do as much research as possible before you choose synthetic grass for your lawn. Those selling synthetic grass should be able to give you full information about their products – if they are not able to answer your questions then look elsewhere to ensure you have confidence in the investment you are making for your home.
Synthetic grass can get hot – It is true that synthetic grass products can get warmer than a natural grass lawn. However, this is usually only a consideration in the height of summer. Yes, this has been a long, hot summer but synthetic grass certainly does not get as hot as paving, another popular alternative to natural grass. The NWTurf product range also includes ‘Cool Grass’ which is up to 25% cooler than other synthetic grass products. We believe that some accounts of the heat retention of synthetic grass are overstated as few people walk on (even natural) lawns on hot sunny days.
The soil under plastic lawn is sterile – In a majority of Australia natural soil is largely sand and has been classified as one of the poorest quality agricultural soils on the planet.  If you have good quality soil under your lawn you are either very lucky or have put an awful lot of work and additives into it. Synthetic grass will not support bacteria, insects, ants, and worms, in the same way, good soils under natural cover can but not many gardens do!
The synthetic lawn does not absorb CO2 or produce oxygen – True. Natural lawns do absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen but that natural process is largely inhibited in Australia’s summers due to the extreme heat and dry conditions, especially with the necessary water restrictions. Synthetic grass will not enhance the carbon budget in your garden – perhaps one reason why many people see it as an attractive option to paving their backyard while retaining the lush look of a lawn.
Poorly- maintained synthetic lawn looks bad – We agree! It is important to maintain your synthetic grass properly but if it is properly installed that is an easy job. Good quality synthetic lawns look great if they are well maintained. But any garden will become unattractive if it is not well maintained (whether it uses synthetic or natural products).
In heavy rain, the synthetic mat will wash away – One of the more laughable and misinformed statements we’ve heard. Properly installed lawns are very firmly attached through solid fixings and considerable “infill” and would only be moved by an extreme natural disaster in which other structural damage would occur.
Know the facts!
Through this blog, we want to make sure people considering synthetic grass know all the facts. If we were to highlight one aspect of choosing the right product for your garden then it is to ensure you have a quality synthetic lawn that you have confidence in. We want you to have a lawn that you can enjoy for many years to come but there is a wildly varying quality of synthetic grass products on the Australian market. If you feel some of your questions about synthetic grass remain unanswered check out our website or give us a call on  Phone1300 03 77 11


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How To Cope With Carpenter Ants

Most species of ants live outdoors but you will find some that come into the home. Carpenter ants are the most common and they can be very annoying. Since they reproduce quickly your home may soon become infested by them. They are mainly black in color and seem to be very tolerant of ant traps and poisons that people put out to kill them.

carpenter ants 1

Some of various species have wings on them as well so they can be misidentified as other types of insects. They are often mistaken for termites because the can be found in the wood of your home. They also like moist areas so they tend to be in the kitchen and the bathrooms.

carpenter ant with wings

Carpenter ant with wings

In order to get rid of carpenter ants, you will need to find out where their nests are. With hundreds of eggs being laid each day by the queen ants, you don’t want to wait to get started. You may want to try to get rid of them on your own. You can leave out food for the ants and then follow their trail back to the colony. Dabs of honey that are left out will definitely attract their attention.

Boric acid is one of the most effective ways to kill them. Track them back to the wood, walls, and other places in your home that they are located at. There may be several colonies around so don’t stop your efforts when you come across one of them. If you are having a hard time locating the carpenter ants or your efforts with boric acid failed you will need to call a professional exterminator.

You can help prevent carpenter ants from getting into your home by taking care of leaks right away. Remove dead wood from your yard too as this can be where the carpenter ants start out. Don’t store wood for the fireplace too close to your home. It may be more convenient but you don’t want to be dealing with carpenter ants. They can move from there into your home in very little time. They often do this through cracks or where wires run into your home. Seal these areas up as much as you can.

Things To Know About Ants in Our Garden

Ants are really fascinating insects even though most people just think of them as a nuisance. They are extremely hard workers and they have detailed colonies under ground. Each of the ants has a particular job to do and they do it very well. They are able to carry many times their body weight and that has fascinated researchers for decades.


There are more than 12,000 different species of ants out there and they are found in locations all over the world. Some of them are very small and brown in color. They tend not to be very harmful at all. Other species of ants including the fire ants are larger and they do bite. They will cause the skin to burn and to become red and inflamed.

Red fire ant

Ants are able to communicate with each other in a variety of different ways. They give off a type of chemical called pheromones that allow them to send and interpret messages to each other. They also communicate using their keen sense of smell that occurs with the use of their antennas. Researchers have been able to identify may learned behaviors among ants that are similar to how humans learn from each other.

ants3   ants1

For the most part, ants are harmless but they will bite and attack if they feel threatened. It can be very difficult to get rid of ants once they have invaded your home. It is fascinating to watch them though. They march in a straight line and you may see a group of them going out with food and more coming in to get them. There are some very simple ways to get rid of them without poison though. You can draw a line on window sills with chalk. They won’t cross that chalk line and they will stay outdoors.

If you want to get rid of ant colonies you can likely do it by pouring very hot water down into the colony. You will need to do this several times before all of it is destroyed. Covering the area up with dirty isn’t effective as the ants are likely to be able to dig out of it by communicating and working together.

How To Get An Ant Farm

Children love to have pets and some of them can be more fun than others. A very affordable type of pet is a collection of ants. This is commonly referred to as an ant farm. You will get all of the items you need to set it up for a very low price. Many teachers have them in the classroom to share with the children as well. Ants are tiny creatures but they can be very entertaining.

One of the things people are often curious about with ants is what they do under the ground. There is plenty of activity that takes place in any given ant colony. With an ant farm you can see what is going on so this is a very educational type of set up as well. You will be able to see where they store their food, how they dig their tunnels, interactions among ants, and even the efforts they make to clean up their areas.

You can collect and place any types of ants into this set up that you want. You will find ant farms come in many sizes so you can have a small colony or a very large one. Should your child get tired of the ant farm you can easily turn them loose outside. This is much easier than having to find a new home for them like you would need to with most other types of animals.

Take some time to read information about the various types of ant farms offered. This way you can be sure to invest in something that will be easy to set up. You also want something that is fun to look at. It should give you a very good view of all the various activities taking place inside of the ant farm.

ant farm1

This can make a perfect gift for any child at least five years of age. This way they can explore the options of having pets. Since ants are very social you want to have a good number of them in there. Having an ant farm is fun, educational, and it can teach a child all about responsibility. You can get an ant farm at just about any pet shop and many retailers sale them as well.
ant farm2



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Top Nine Garden Care Tips from the Experts

Are you looking for a way to improve your outdoor garden and bring it up a level? How about
nine different ways? Then you’ve come to the right place.
· Your garden is only one part of your yard. To make your garden really stand out, make
sure your lawn is nicely mowed and landscaped. Or better yet you had synthetic grass installed and that you have the right outdoor
accessories to match your garden theme. Consider matching the various flowers to the
outdoor furniture patterns.
· Plants and flowers are as sensitive to smoke as humans so if you are a smoking
household, try to plant your garden away from your outdoor tobacco area.
· Plants need a rich moisture soil to survive and thrive. The soil should be able to retain
moisture but also not too wet. You need to find that happy sponge-like medium when it
comes to soil.
· If your soil is not performing the way you want it to, use manure or compost to even it
· There are plenty of at-home remedies that act as excellent fertilizer for your garden. This
includes tea leaves, coffee grounds and banana peels. Instead of throwing these
materials into the garbage, head outside and sprinkle them in your garden.
· The easiest plants to grow and maintain are annuals. For beginning gardeners, start out
with annuals which can survive on about two watering days a week.
· All plants are different and have different growing environments. Make sure you always
read the label and follow the instructions when it comes to plant care and growth. It’s
important to provide the right watering and climate conditions for the various types of
plants. Plants, like people, can be very very picky.
· Your garden is only as good as the tools you possess; make sure you have the right
gardening tools for the jobs and take good care of them by washing them after each use.
Leaving dirt on your gardening tools can cause them to rust and need replacement much
· Finally, be aware of the dangers that come with gardening. Kids trampling, insects and
pests, harsh weather conditions and playful pets can all affect the growth of your garden.
Teach your kids that the garden is off limit for tag; train your dog and cat to do their
business elsewhere; and be aware of the various pests and insects that can harm your