Why Synthetic Grass & Not Natural Grass

Proven Results:
Synthetic grass has many advantages over its natural grass cousin. Some benefits of artificial/synthetic turf grass are obvious but others are not, and we at No Worries Turf, Learned this advanteges after hearing feedback from our over 5,500 satisfied customers.

By installing No Worries Turf you will be able to enjoy the following Benefits:

Water Conservation & Money Saving- No Worries!
Because No Worries Turf does not require watering, except to clean it occasionally, you can feel great knowing that you are saving precious water. No Worries Turf lawns can save you 50% to 70% of your total residential water usage. No Worries Turf significantly reduces your water bill and will do so for decades to come. An artificially landscaped yard will pay for itself rapidly in water and maintenance cost savings alone.

Pet Friendly-No Worries!
No Worries turf lawns are great for pets, especially dogs. It seems impossible to have a dog and simultaneously maintain a beautiful lawn, but synthetic turf grass is the answer. Dogs and their masters love artificial lawns because they are clean, low maintenance, and always green and lush. Dead spots in your natural grass/sod are a thing of the past. No Worries Turf will enhance your home’s appeal with a beautifully manicured year-round lawn. Dog droppings and urine with minimal but proper maintenance will not stain or discolor the grass.

Enjoyment Benefits- No Worries!
Synthetic Grass Yards add usable square footage to Australian homes. We hear over and over from our customers that they use their lawns more, where before it was almost an off-limits area. Lawns that were previously a dry, dusty wasteland or an overwatered muddy/dirty area are now pristine manicured grass which is always available to be enjoyed. You will find, as most artificial grass owners do, that this product will improve your life in more ways than you think.

Low Maintenance- No Worries!
Homeowners, councils, and property management companies spend large amounts of money on water, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, mowing and general labor to keep their natural grass in good condition. No Worries Turf, however, requires none of these costly items.
No Worries Turf lawns eliminate many mundane chores related to natural grass. Chores such as pulling weeds, seeding, thatching and aerating are a thing of the past. Spend the most precious resource you have (TIME) doing something other than maintaining your lawn.

Environmentally Friendly- No Worries!
No Worries Turf requires no chemicals or pesticides for maintenance and provides a safe, healthy environment for families and the public.

Visual Appeal – No Worries!
No Worries Turf remains green, lush and soft regardless of climate changes, temperature or other environmental conditions, making it a logical and viable alternative for both home and business use.

Increase Value of Your Property- No Worries!
No Worries Turf, once installed will dramatically change the look of your property and instantly increase its value. Great and practical solution if you are planning to sell your property. Let’s face it, a picture says a thousand words.

How does a 100% to 200% return on investment (R.O.I) sound to you? Too good to be true? Not according to a Money Magazine story on home renovations or Penn State University, Department of Landscape Architecture. They both agree that a well-done landscaping home improvement offers the best return on investment of any home improvement you can make; and that you will get a 100% to 200% return on your investment when applied to a home’s resale value.

This far surpasses the R.O.I. you could hope to gain from a kitchen remodel, bath remodel, swimming pool, or any other home improvement. Yet homeowners rarely think of landscaping first when remodeling in hopes of commanding a higher home price. Even if you aren’t planning to move, it’s nice to know you are adding real value to your home by installing No Worries Turf artificial grass. Not to mention the savings from water usage and costs of maintaining natural grass. And it looks great!

No Worries Turf synthetic grass harmonizes well with surrounding foliage. Our products are very realistic and complement nature, which gives your home great curb appeal.

A real estate appraiser or agent would tell you that landscaping contributes to a home in two ways. First, it simply adds to the total value of the property, and Second is the aesthetic and emotional role landscaping plays when trying to sell a house.

It’s tough to measure how powerful a value-oriented landscape could be in the selling process. For a prospective buyer, it is very hard to separate the house and the landscaping. For two houses equal in all other respects, the one with the better curbside appeal will sell faster. Though it’s difficult to define what makes a landscape pleasing, it’s obvious to everyone when something’s not.

An ugly lawn speaks of the type of owner and how the entire house is cared for. A beautiful lawn can increase the perceived square footage of a home because this is seen as a really useable area.

The Benefits Of Synthetic Grass Lawns

Maintaining your lawn requires a lot of time and money. The constant trimming and watering that it takes to maintain a perfect lawn hardly seem worth it to most people. So why bother, when you can have a lawn that always looks perfect, never grows, and doesn’t need to be watered? These are the benefits of synthetic grass. You can have all the advantages of real grass without the hassles.

Imagine all the time and money you could save if you didn’t have to water your lawn. You could conserve a lot of water if you didn’t have to worry about your grass drying out. Synthetic grass stays green in any weather. It will never turn dry and yellow, and it will always look beautiful.

Artificial grass also doesn’t require mowing since it never grows. If you don’t enjoy mowing your lawn every week with a push mower or gas-powered mower, consider buying grass that doesn’t need to be mowed. You won’t have to worry about complaints from the neighbors when your lawn grows out of control. This is especially helpful for homeowners with limited mobility. No longer will you have to pay someone to mow your lawn. Synthetic turf will always be the right length.

You might be wondering: Doesn’t artificial grass look and feel fake? This is probably why some people think the synthetic grass is not a good investment. But a high-quality artificial grass actually looks and feels like real grass. That is one of the benefits of synthetic grass. It is also much more durable and will last many years. Most people won’t be able to tell the difference between your new synthetic grass lawn and the real thing.

Artificial lawns serve the same purposes that real ones serve. Most people only have lawns because they come with the house. Maintaining their lawn is what the community expects. The lawn also provides a place for kids to play; it’s much softer than concrete and gravel. Artificial grass is just as good for this. Because it looks real, doesn’t need watering, and never grows, it will always be in perfect condition. And it feels like normal grass, so it’s perfectly safe to play on.

You might be wondering what exactly artificial grass is made of. Well, it is made of synthetic fibers designed to imitate the appearance of grass. This was first used in sports stadiums, where real grass often cannot get all the sunlight it needs and is very difficult to maintain.

People who are familiar with the older types of synthetic turf think that all artificial grass is stiff and abrasive. Latest types are actually much softer and feel more like the genuine article. Polyethylene yarn makes this possible. Now that people have begun using artificial turf for residential lawns, the application of this new technology is more important than ever. Homeowners demand a high-quality synthetic grass that won’t feel fake.

You don’t have to spend a lot of your time or any money on lawn maintenance. The benefits of synthetic grass make it much more convenient and affordable than an ordinary lawn. In short time, it pays for itself because you save money not having to mow or water your synthetic lawn.

7 Artificial Grass Small Gardening Ideas

1. Grass sets the stage
The lush green color and fluffy texture of faux grass are an ideal foundation and contrast for whatever additional colors and textures you plan for your space. Make it the traditional centerpiece – with borders of plants all around the perimeter. Or plant your fake grass off to one side or in a corner to create the feeling of a separate room. Remember, your grass can be any size or shape you want.

2. Use color to add dimension
You know that, in general, it’s best to put tall plants in back, smaller ones in front. But if the plants in front are a bright color or a bold contrast to their background, that creates an impression of greater depth.

3. Create “destinations”
We talk about using hardscapes and plantings to create rooms within your yard. You can still do this even if your garden is small – a cozy reading nook with a comfy chair and side table, dining space for two with table and chairs on the grass, etc.

4. Go vertical
Choosing columnar evergreens, tall grasses, or other plants with a narrow upright habit helps in two ways. Their height draws the eye upward, which makes your small garden appear larger. And their small “footprint” leaves more ground space for your artificial grass, a compact fire pit, or a small seating area.

Espaliered shrubs or small trees and vines on trellises provide an entirely different type of vertical look along fences or walls. You can make vertical planters to hang or mount on walls, out of virtually anything. If you have a sturdy support overhead such as a pergola, suspend a series of colorful flowering baskets at different heights.

5. Raised beds also draw the eye upward
Use rock, brick, wood, or stone to build a raised area in your garden. It can elevate your lawn area, a patio or deck, or create raised beds for plantings adjacent to your grass. Make the edges of your raised beds wide enough to double as bench seating. Add a touch of whimsy by covering those seating surfaces with faux grass.

6. Green up walkable spaces
Instead of a paved walkway, use flagstones or individual pavers surrounded with faux grass to create a seamless transition from your driveway to the front door. Or to create an equally seamless walkway-to-patio in the back. The effect is visually interesting yet uncluttered – perfect for smaller spaces.

7. Embrace smallness
You don’t have to fight your garden’s small size by trying to make it look larger, you can create a calming, minimalist space instead. Let your artificial grass lay the groundwork. Then use just a few plants, in just one or two colors. The soothing rustle of ornamental grasses would be nice. Group them in one area as a focal point, or place them in pots along a path that leads to a small raised deck or patio.

Small gardens can be beautiful and bountiful or the essence of simplicity and serenity. It’s all a matter of scale.