The Best Conditions and Home Remedy Secrets to Rose Garden Care

Roses are one of the most popular choices when it comes to home gardens. And why not?
They are beautiful; they are romantic; and they smell divine. Furthermore, having your very own
rose bush allows you to save a small fortune each year on flowers for birthdays, graduations,
anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and those times when you need to say “I’m Sorry”. However,
roses are not the easiest flowers to grow. They are stubborn little things that need the utmost
care and the perfect garden environment. Here are some tips for caring for your rose bush and
making these beautiful flowers the highlight of your garden.
The Rose Conditions
Roses love the sun. And we mean they love it! Roses tend to grow best when they are in direct
sunlight for six hours a day, which means they should be placed in a warm spot in your garden.
They will also need good, well drained soil that is able to hold moisture. You should make sure
the soil is enriched with manure or compost among other natural fertilizers (see below). Roses
Roses also need a lot of water, especially when they are first planted. Make sure your roses can
a good, regular watering at least once a week. Roses need more than the occasional sprinkle.
The best time to water your roses is during the mornings which can prevent the risk if fungal
disease and flower damage.
It’s important to not only choose the right place for your rose bush, but also the right planting
conditions. New roses need a lot of watering and usually fare better when planted in the cool
moist conditions of spring or fall. As soon as the soil becomes workable and the breeze hits, it’s
a good idea to get out your gardening gloves and get to work on your roses.
The Rose Remedy
There are several home remedies and natural ingredients that can help keep your roses
growing beautifully. The next time you have a friend over for a cup of tea, keep the tea leaves or
the leftover drops and sprinkle them into the rose bush garden. You can place the leaves just
below the soil. Tea leaves are rich with nutrients that the roses will soak up.
Another option is to use your old coffee ground from your coffee machine. Instead of washing
the coffee grinds down the drain, head outside to the garden and sprinkle it on the soil around
the roses