How to Choose and Maintain Annuals

How to Choose and Maintain Annuals
Annuals are a popular choice when it comes to a backyard garden or outdoor area. This is
because they are easy to plant, straightforward to maintain and only last one season. For those
who like to switch it up every season, planting a few annuals in the spring will ensure a bright
and colorful summer.
Visiting the Nursery
Annuals can be planted anywhere and come in a variety of colors and types. All annuals will
have a tag that will help you determine the condition of growth best suited for your annual.
Annuals are great in flower beds, in potted plants, in rock gardens and anywhere else inside or
outside the house. Furthermore, they are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased from any
garden center.
Annuals will come in small plastic containers, usually in a set of four to six. It’s best to choose
annuals that are little baby plants that have not bloomed yet. Check the tags to see when they
will bloom, what they need and what you can expect when you take your new little babies home
from the nursery.


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