Pros and Cons to Caring for a Garden: Is Gardening Right for You

Trying to decide if you should plant a garden in that empty space in your back yard? Or,
perhaps you are not cut out for the trials and tribulations on gardening and that space would be
much better suited to a basketball court, spa or outdoor shed. We’ve listed the pros and cons to
caring for any garden so you can know what you’re in for. Weigh the pros and cons based on
your lifestyle to determine if a garden is the right choice for your back or front yard.
The Pros to Garden Care
· It can brighten up your outdoor area- flowers brighten up any occasion. They are a must
as a wedding; they are great for cheering up your wife; and they look beautiful as a
centerpiece on any table. Flowers can also have this affect to your outdoor area. A
garden, either a rock garden, a bed garden or even potted plant gardens bring a sense
of color and nature to your otherwise average patio. Coordinate your flower choices
based on your outdoor furniture colors and themes.
· It can create a sense of pride- a nice garden says a lot about a person and you will most
likely be complimented by passer byes, neighbors and your family. Your garden
becomes your baby and when it flourishes, so does your ego.
· It can be a quite peaceful and enjoyable hobby for anyone.
The Cons to Garden Care
· It can be frustrating. Gardening does not come naturally to everyone and thus many
gardeners will spend the next season re planting, re potting and trying again. Don’t get
discouraged if your garden isn’t perfect right away. It takes practice, patience and tender
loving care.
· It can be time consuming. Gardening is a hobby and like most hobbies, it takes time.
Gardening needs to be done in spring, summer and fall. You will need to prune, pick, till,
water, fertilize and plant as much or as little as needed.
· You will get dirty. For those who hate having dirty fingernails, perhaps gardening is not
for you.
· It can be expensive. Sure, garden care is not going to cost you as much as installing a
free in that spare backyard area but the tools, the soil, the flowers, the plants and the
sprays will add up, especially if you plan on growing different flowers every year.


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