So How Do You Know What Type of Garden are you Destined to Have?

Looking for the right garden to plant in your backyard but not sure about which type of garden
will suit your green thumb? Answer the multiple choice questions below to reveal your
gardening personality and which garden is right for you.
What are you looking for out of your garden?
· A few nice flowers placed around the front or back yard to brighten up afternoon
barbeques and family dinner parties outside
· An outdoor oasis
· A source of nutritional and delicious treats
· Something green and pretty
How Much Time can you dedicate to Your Garden?
· An hour or so a week, spring and summer, but mostly summer.
· As much as necessary. I’m in it for the long haul.
· A few hours a week.
· Maybe 5 minutes a week, if I remember.
What do you love about gardens?
· The atmosphere they give off- that summer spring feeling
· The vibrant colors and ability to grow so beautifully and that amazing smell of the
· The way they look
How Do You feel about Getting Dirty?
· I’m prefer not to, especially not on a daily basis
· I’m not against it
· If it’s for a good cause, I’m all in.
· Ewe, dirt. No thanks.
The Results
· If you answered mostly A’s: annuals in potted plants or small garden beds will be the
best choice for you. Annuals only last for one season which is great for the spring and
summer. You can easily pot them around the patio in plants or in a small garden bed.
Water four times a week, fertilize twice a month and you’re done.
· If you answered mostly B’s: perennials and roses in large garden. You are in it for the
long haul which means you have the dedication and motivation to do whatever you want.
Perennials will last longer and roses will give you the challenge you are looking for.
· If you answered mostly C’s: vegetable and herb garden. Growing your own vegetable or
herb garden will give you a fresh and colorful garden as well as a great way to save on
produce weekly.
· If you answered mostly D’s: perhaps gardening is not for you. Instead of raising the
garden care bar too high, why not start with a few indoor plants or even a few fake plants
to brighten your indoor and outdoor living areas?


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