Taking your Annuals Home

When you get your annuals home, it is time to plant them. Many people will plant their annuals
in potted gardens or in garden beds. A variety of annuals in a potted plant can really brighten up
your outdoor area. If you are planting you annuals in a garden bed, it’s best to add space
between each one.
Make a daily routine of checking on your annuals and watering them three times a week or
every day during those extra hot months. Add fertilizer to the water mixture two to four times a
month. It’s important to keep your annuals well watered throughout the summer and place them
in their best growing conditions. Some are made for the shade; some are made for the sun.
The End of the Season
All good things must come to an end and this is the case for annuals. Annuals are only meant to
last for one season so once they have blossomed and are starting to look a little worse for wear,
it’s time to take them to the compost. The good thing about annuals are, next year, you can start
the process all over again and choose a whole new set of beautiful flowers to highlight your


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