The Different Kinds of Plant Gardens and How to Care for Each Type

Garden care depends on what type of garden you have, or are planning to plant. Below we have listed a few of the most popular flowers and types of gardens so you know what you can expect and how to maintain your garden of choice throughout the year.


Border garden: border gardens are usually placed on the ground, alongside a part of the house or a pool. For example, the front of your house may have a border garden. Border gardens tend to have perennial plants placed with the taller ones at the back and the smaller ones at the front. Many people will also use ground covers (plants that grow along the ground) to fill in the spots. Border gardens can brighten up your house and also create a three-dimensional garden feel for your visitors. Ground covers are a great addition to border gardens because they can grow quickly and complete your garden in no time. Many people will opt for roses in their border gardens in a variety of different colors.

  • Rock gardens:
  • rock gardens are another popular choice for your front or backyard. Most rock gardens will either have rocks surrounding the garden with plants inside, or rocks spread throughout the garden. Either way, the combination of beautiful shrubs, dark rocks, and blossoming flowers can add a delicate touch to any garden. When it comes to rock gardens, you need a lot more soil as your flowers must grow around the rocks. Make sure you spread your flowers out evenly around the rocks and give them plenty of room to grow. Perennials are best for rock gardens as they come back every year.
  • Potted/Container Gardens:
  • another popular choice is potted plant gardens. Many people will plant mini gardens in large pots or container around the house. Potted plant gardens look great inside and outside and can brighten up your deck or patio area. Potted plants are fairly easy to maintain. You will need to water them every day during the summer with a watering can and add some fertilizer to the mix twice a month. Potted plants can be annuals or perennials and look best when you choose various colored flowers. You can plant several smaller plants in one pot or opt for a large plant per pot. Try to match your potted plant designs to the color of the flowers, the decor of the furniture, and the table place-mats.

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