Winter Garden Care: How to Make Your Garden Last through the Tough Season

As soon as summer is over, you need to start preparing for another long and cold winter. This
means packing the kids back up to school, returning to a regular routine and putting the garden
to sleep for the winter. Your garden has enjoyed a long and bountiful spring and summer but
now that fall has rolled around, it’s time to put your garden to bed.
Most people think that spring and summer are garden seasons but, as gardeners know, fall is
just as important. Fall is the time to take extra special care to ensure your plants last for the
winter. Below is a checklist to ensure that you get everything done before the first snow falls.
· First of all, you need to take extra care with all your winter crops. If you have leeks, kale,
parsnip, Brussels sprouts or anything other winter crop, put an extra amount of mulch
around them. This will comfort and protect them through the colder months.
· Next, gather up all the leaves that have fallen in the last couple of weeks. Go through
your garden and pick up any dead vegetation and additional dead leaves and add them
to your compost bin. Take special care not to pick up any seeds in the process. They
should be left in your garden.
· Don’t forget about the weeds. Fall season is also the time to get rid of any access weeds
that have crawled into your garden. Many people will also get rid of any vines that have
taken over their garden as well, but others like to keep the vine for a more Christmas
· You need to take extra special care of your soil during the colder climate. Till the soil to
start with and then add some compost to give it more nutrients. For those who are
thinking about expanding their garden, the fall season is also the time to till more ground
and prepare it for planting and harvesting in the spring. It is a lot easier to till the soil now
than after the frost. Furthermore, this will prepare your ground for garden season in the
New Year.
· Finally, don’t forget about your garden tools. They need to be cleaned and free of dirt
which can stick to the tools causing problems next year. Linseed oil can help keep your
wooden handle tools in good shape. Make sure you dry your tools after washing and
scrubbing them as the extra water can cause rust.


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